Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More babies

Turns out she wasn't just gorging herself on all the spring grass!
Three very cute, very white baby guineas.
I'm curious about their colouring ... seeing how papa guinea is a dark chocolate-brown colour. I'll have to go do some research.
Poor Jazzy; we've been calling her fat for weeks! I thought she was finished having babies, after all she is nearly five years old. I'm glad she had more though, she is a great guinea pig. Not scared of anything, even Indica!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Latest crochet ...

I bought this gorgeous wool the other day ... it looks like mossy green dreadlocks.I actually went to get some wool to finish off the rug I've been crocheting, but there was none left, so I guess it will just have to be a bit smaller that I planned. Anyway, this delightful stuff was half price, and as I've been eying it off for a few weeks, I thought I'd spoil myself and grab a few balls. I've used two balls to make this shawl ... I still have three balls left .... hmm what to make?