Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's been a busy few days for us all. We had a trip to Wagga Wagga to visit my eldest stepson, who is training in the army. It was a nice day down there, suprisingly. Last time we went it was absolutely freezing, but this time it was quite pleasant. In our wanderings about town we discovered a 2nd hand bookshop and spent too much money as usual. But I did manage to score a copy of a Bill Mollison permaculture book. Haven't read it yet though; I've been a bit greedy lately and have bought lots of books, so it's in the queue!
We planted a few more things in the garden ... some zuchinni seed (mmmmm I love zuchinni), and some sugarsnap peas to grow up the fence. I chucked some more silvebeet into an old pot to keep near the door. Hopefully it will grow big and strong, and be easy to pick in a hurry when I don't feel like running own the back for greens.
I planted some eggplant seeds into some little pots to sprout before I put them into the ground.
Indi planted her cherry tomato seedling into a big pot out the front ...
We mulched it wth some straw, and now the cat keeps sleeping on it! I'm sure it will bounce back though. I spread a bit of stinky used bedding from the guinea pigs' cage over the top, hopefully that will keep her off (and won't burn the plant!)
Spring is definately approaching. I've decided that I am a descendant of the bear family. Winter is hibernation time! I never feel like doing anything when it's cold, least of all going outside.
We have had some gorgeous days over the last few weeks, and I feel so much more energetic. Starting to defrost I guess. I love going outside and smelling the jasmine and buddleias.
The horseradish that I planted the other week is starting to pop some little sprouts out of the soil. I've never grown horseradish before so I'm interested to see how it goes.
We have been eating little bits and pieces out of the garden, not a lot; a pumpkin that became a delicious soup, steamed silverbeet, some shallots, chives and basil. Enough to keep us wanting more, and keep us keen to expand the gardens.
Oh yeah, and in my quest for cool green areas around the spa and pool, I planted this tree fern ...Risky, but I'm hoping it will pay off. I planted one the same size six months ago when it got full arvo sun for about 3 hours a day, and it is thriving and double the size now. This one is getting midday sun for about 4 hours or so, but is in crappy soil. It's looking good so far, and it's raining at the moment. If it can just get a hold in the heavy clay, it should be right.

I just checked the mail ... got an assignment back ......................................................
HD! And a letter from my new tutor saying that it was a joy to mark!
I'm very happy with that, because we are all still trying to get into some sort of rhythm with Craig's new job and I have been finding it hard to sit down and get into that 'assignment' frame of mind. This one was actually completed a week late (the college doesn't set completion dates, but I set them for myself), and I was hoping to have the next one completed by yesterday! Oh well, life gets in the way sometimes.
Anyway thats probably enough of my ramblings for now. I'm going to get this next assignment finished ... right after I finish crocheting that rug, clean the kitchen, research what fruit trees i'm going to plant, finish reading that book, start crocheting a new pair of swimmers for summer, look online for some new fire twirling equipment, finish doing the tax returns ...


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