Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Garden log

Just a quick one so I remember when I planted stuff.

This weekend I planted:

more corn and a cucumber out the back
two capsicums and a tomato out the front
parsely and rocket from the nursery 'sick bay' (hey $1 a punnet, I ain't leavin 'em behind!) and the chives out of the pot in the old wheelbarrow.
the philodendron-thingy near the pool filter.

This week we ate:

LOADS of silverbeet
some broccoli
basil, parsely, shallots, and garlic chives

...and the bloody dog dug up the lemongrass! GRRRRR!

I shall return with a wonderful long blog post as soon as the kids remember how to sleep.


karisma said...

Gotta love those dogs! :-0

Kel said...

There must be a pipe or something under the garden there, it's the only spot she digs. She left it alone for ages, hence the lemongrass planting ... bad move!

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