Monday, November 8, 2010

Rainy Day Sewing Project

I found an old pair of jeans whilst rummaging around the laundry the other day that I'd shoved them in the material pile months ago after they'd ripped across the knee. I couldn't repair the rip, but they were too good to just chuck out so faced with a rainy (read: no gardening)weekend and a sick partner willing to laze about and amuse the kids, I turned them into a skirt for me and used the legs to make a pair of shorts for the little fella.

Making skirts out of jeans is so easy and quick. I've done a couple of them now. I added a floral border to this one.

I'm getting quite an old hand at whipping up these kiddie shorts too. I've made quite a few pairs now out of old pants and t-shirts. I had my first go at applique on this pair. The star is made from the leftovers of an old polar fleece jumper that I made into tracksuit pants a few months ago.

Two new wardrobe pieces out of what most people would chuck away; not bad for a days work by a total novice sewer! 


'Joyce' said...

Kel, I love your new skirt and those shorts are perfect! I recently upcycled a pair of jeans myself, into bags, however, one of the bags is now going to become a peg basket, cause I am not happy with it as a bag. Oh well, there is a use for everything me thinks.

Ariad said...

They look great Kel and he looks so cute in them!
Don't you love recycling:)

karisma said...

Very nice!

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