Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blog meltdown!

Dear diary

I officially have a case of brain-dead-blog-meltdown.
Meh. Blah. Sna.
I can't think of anything to write!

Well, that's not entirely true. I can think of lots of thing I'd like to write about.
I'd like to write about co-sleeping and how much it sucks for us at the moment.
I'd like to write about ECing, and how Keanu can actually say when he needs to poop now.
I'd like to write about how much I hate Craig being away from home, and how much more he hates it.
I'd like to write about the tons of books that I've read over the last few months.
I'd like to write about christmas and the usual depression it invokes in me and my struggle to keep my kids as far away from it as possible.

There are lots of things I'd like to get out of my head. I just can't seem to find an exit for them all.


Ariad said...

Kel, I'm sending hugs to you.
You sound so much like I feel sometimes. I think co-sleeping has it's moments too, sometimes I'd love to sleep without a kick in the head. It's awesome those moments when you realise that your baby can totally tell you when he can poo. I know we don't want to go there but it makes you want to brag and shout look what I learned to let my baby do!!!

Can totally sympathize about the xmas thing, I think I suffer christmas depression or something, and I never want to go near it but always get sucked in by the family.
There are so many things for us to think about that it is so hard to get them out sometimes. You are doing such a wonderful job Kel. When you really need to write about all this stuff it'll come out BUT in the meantime know that some of us out here get you!

karisma said...

Well, at least you posted something. :-) It was nice to read what you would like to write about anyway.

I miss you! I was just complaining the other day that I have not seen you for ages and then you left that comment on my blog..must have heard me thinking hey? I still have some books here for you too. Im almost over my mad busy phase. Got my registration today, finally, now we can relax again.

We must catch up soon! Hugs and smoochies xxoxoxoxo

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