Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm still here!

Ok, so i haven't been blogging lately, and I'm starting to feel it! I do enjoy writing here. It's like a nice comfy little place to come and empty my head.
Time to sit and ponder, however, seems to be disappearing. I have LOTS of stuff in my head that I want to write about, but haven't had the time nor frame of mind to sit down and put it into legible order. I feel like I've had a bit of an intellectual overload lately; studying, reading (like, 2 books a week), homeschooling thoughts coming and going ... It's all been wearing me down so I've spent the last few weeks just 'chillin'; crafting a bit here and there, reading a little bit, dumbing it down with some Facebook (no offence to facebook friends!) but mostly just 'being' and spending time with the kids.
But I want to stay in the habit of writing a little bit every week or so, so I'll start small ...

Last week I finished the blanket I was making.
A perfect fit for the cot, that Keanu now sleeps in (through the day ... sometimes! If I can be bothered to take him out of the sling.)

I had to force myself to put it on the cot; it's so soft and warm and snuggly. It had a nice place on the end of my bed for a few weeks there!


karisma said...

Very nice!

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