Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chook house

Ok, so here is stage one of the 'getting chickens' plan.
My darling man and our uber cool friend Steve spent all weekend--in 35 degree heat, 99% humidity, and pouring rain no less--dismantling, moving, and rebuilding this cubby-come-chook-house for me.


Craig and his step-dad built it about fifteen years ago when the boys were little. It's huge; probably a bit of overkill for a couple of chooks. I could house about 10 in there, but I don't have that much grazing area at the moment, so we might just start with two or three.  We've sat it so it backs onto the little vegie patch. I think I'll grow a passion fruit vine over it. Or maybe some Jasmine ... mmmmm. Not edible but oh-so-sweet in the moonlight!   Or maybe a choko vine. Then the chooks can eat the fallen chokos.
We still need to build a wire run for them, and add some nesting boxes. Hopefully we can get that started next weekend.

Being Valentines day, monkey-man here thought he might pinch a flower from the neighbour's garden for me while he was bolting the roof down. Such a sweety xoxo


Cords said...

awesome! I can't wait for chooks (and reliable egg production) Oh and aren't passion fruit flowers exquisite!

Kel said...

They certainly are.

karisma said...

Lovely! You could plant a passion fruit vine in there, my chooks don't eat those for some reason. They eat everything else. LOL at Monkey Man up there! Did you give him a banana?

Anne said...

Funny, about 8 years ago when we lived in Sydney we started off with 2 chooks. Word got out (LOL), then we ended up adopting most of our chooks - and they were laying. The brown ones (Isa Browns?) make the best pets. They were the ones my daughter could pick up with the chook not being too bothered.

Japan-Australia said...

Looks Good!!
Nothing beats fresh eggs and produce from home. We are trying to be as self sufficient as possible at the moment and grow all our own vegetables. Much better than the rubbish you get from the supermarket these days.

Ariad said...

Wow! what an awesome chook house!

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