Sunday, February 14, 2010

Some beachy crochet

A little beach bag, just big enough for the car keys and a good book. This is crocheted from old bed sheets torn into strips. 

Some barefoot sandals ... these are quite beachy too, don't you think? I've already got an order for another pair!


Ariad said...

I love then both! Beautiful.

karisma said...

LOL! Yeah I got in fast! hehe! I was telling my mum about that bag and she was amazed. I have half whipped up a little bag from grey cotton this afternoon. Adem thought it might be nice for his DS.

Cords said...

any crochet is good but beachy, recycled barefoot crochet is even better xo

Kel said...

Thanks Ariad and Cords :)
Karisma, yours are on the way! I also have to make a pair for Maria to wear at her garden wedding.

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