Friday, June 4, 2010

Salt Dough

Another rainy day... another day of inside play.

Today we made some salt dough figurines. Here's how we did it ...

One cup of salt

Two cups of plain flour

Mix them together in a bowl

Add one cup of water, a little at a time, and mix with a knife until it's workable enough to knead. Knead the dough until it is smooth and consistent.


The best thing about this craft is that Keanu could join in too. Indi always wants to do things that are a bit above Keanu's capabilities, so it's nice to find something that we could all enjoy. 

Here are our final designs ...

Indi made the horse herself and we made the mermaid together. We used the garlic crusher to make the hair and mane. The other one is a 'cookie' with sprinkles on top.

We baked them in the oven at about 100 degrees Celcius. They took 2 hours! I don't think the cookie is even hard through to the middle. Next time we might have to make them a bit thinner!

We did plan on painting them this afternoon when Keanu was asleep, but I guess it was just too much excitement for Miss Indi, because she has slept all afternoon too!


karisma said...

Very nice! You do know you can bake them on 180 right? They will set a little quicker! ;-) Now get painting already!

Rainbow JenJen said...

I love that Indi is up on the bench ;)
When I cook with my tot Jack, I lay a sheet down on the loungeroom floor and we do it there, so it's all down at his level.
Great idea, I might do this with Jack soon, cooking is his fave thing at the moment

Kel said...

Karisma: Do they not burn on the outside if you cook them at a higher temperature? We have some left and are going to make the letters of our names so I'll try it at a 180.

Jen: Indi is ALWAYS on the bench! All I have to do is flick the kettle on and she's up there quicker than I can get a mug out of the cupboard! It's pretty annoying most days, because the kitchen is quite small and there is always stuff all over the bench that she knocks over!
Great idea doing it on the floor. Then Keanu could play too ... ooooh imagine the mess I'd have then! LOL!!

karisma said...

No, they didn't when we made them. (But then again my oven door is a bit askew, maybe it does not get as hot? LOL

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