Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tea for Two

What a glorious sunshine-filled day! Nature is never as beautiful as when the sun comes out after the rain; the colours are so intense! I feel really energised tonight after spending the first day outside in what feels like weeks.
After spending the morning pottering around the garden, playing in the cubby, choosing a spot in Indi's garden for her raspberry plant, hanging some washing, and planting and transplanting a few things we decided that an afternoon tea party in the sun was in order.

My friend Ben bought me some beautiful tea for my birthday this week. It's a blend of green tea, olive leaves, rose petals, spearmint, cornflowers and chrysanthemums. I've been saving it for when I can actually sit down, relax and enjoy instead of my usual make a cup then run off to hang washing only to return to a lukewarm mug!

It's a tea to indulge all the senses; when the water is poured over it all the flowers swell and open up. It looks very pretty in the crystal teapot.

Keanu was asleep, so Indi set up a rug on the front porch in the sun.

It was really enjoying just lazing about in the sun, kinda lost in her idiosyncratic ways, when I realised how little one-on-one time we actually spend together.
I remember when she was younger and we lived up North. We'd spend our days together in no rush to be anywhere or do anything in particular. It was just the three of us; soo little mess!
Most days now it feels like I barely have time to stop for a cup of tea! Craig is away a lot with work, so I'm spreading myself pretty thin to give both kids time and attention, keep the house in some sort of order, as well as finding a little bit of time for myself (which I really need to do otherwise I turn into an irritable crabby so-and-so).

It doesn't leave a lot of opportunity for peaceful tea parties, so today I'm grateful that I had the chance to spend a little bit of time with my beautiful daughter Indica Rose xoxo


karisma said...

Sounds like a glorious day! And you an irritable crabby so and so? :-O NEVER!!!! I love the last picture. Gorgeous!

Anne said...

I love your tea pot...:)
The tea looks pretty with the flowers opening up in it.

I loved the last picture too..:)

Kel said...

Oh shoosh Karisma! ;) LOL!

The teapot is mum's; I dragged it out from the depths of the china cabinet.

karisma said...

Me? Shoosh? That will be the day! haha!

OLDPH said...

Dude - that tea is awesome. Your lucky to have such a nice friend that has superb taste in tea...

Kel said...

I am ;)

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