Friday, August 6, 2010

Kitchen Goddess

That is what I've been the last few days; cooking up the proverbial storm in anticipation of our trip.
A few months ago I was perusing the shelves in the 'Australian Travel' section of the bookshop for a particular guide that lists all the free and low cost campsites along the major roads throughout Australia. Turned out that the bookshop didn't have it but it became one of those 'Wow right-time-right-place' moments' when I got chatting to a lady also eyeing off travel books. Turned out that she had travelled around Australia twice already, with two little kids in tow and was more than willing to share a few hints, tips and funny stories: 
'Glow sticks! Make sure you get heaps of them and put them around the kids' necks and wrists so you can see them when they're running around at night, which they will do once you hit Darwin because the weather is so bloody awesome and WARM all night, oh and the night time markets make sure you don't miss them they are amazing, oh and ... ' 
LOL! She just got me so KEEN to travel!

Anyway ... (I have a habit of trailing off mid-post don't I? LOL!) She was telling me how they took an extra freezer in their van and cooked enough meals for a few weeks, froze them flat and then just pulled one out and re-heated it at dinner time. Great thinking!
Craig needed a new fridge for his truck anyway so this week we went and bought one. Good timing because we got it at a discounted price and a sh*tload of useful free stuff with it!
So it's just been cooking cooking cooking. I've been chucking dinner in the slow cooker of a morning and then proceed chop, fry, blend and stir. One big pot of bolognaise, a wok-full of green curry chicken and vegies, and I'm about to embark on some rissoles ...  

Anyone got other recipe ideas? I reckon I can fit about 20 meals in the freezer so let's brainstorm some delicious home cookin' peoples! 


Kat said...

Oh I am so envious! I would love to see any part of Australia and you get to travel the whole thing. I like to make chicken with pesto and cheese rotinis, maybe add some mushrooms. Also how about chicken and dumplings, Or a pork roast? both can be made into too meals with the left overs if you play your cards right (chicken pot pie and sandwiches) Let me know if youd like any recipes, I don't know if these are your taste or not but you never know!


T_Y said...

hope you have a great time, my dd hates travelling so I wish you an easy journey!

'Joyce' said...

hi Kel, so envious of your trip, despite doing a small version ourselves earlier this year. Oh and planning another for June/July 2011 already. lol. Ok so food, lots of it, and yummy stuff. Banana bread, make heaps to freeze, have it like cake with a cuppa, or toast over the fire, hmmmmm, then slices that can be packed into biscuit tins to keep fresh, they will last for ages. I reckon do a mega-stack of rissoles and then when you get to your destination, seek out the local fresh produce markets to get your salad, vege and fruit fix. Have fun planning, packing and cooking. Another goodie, is pumpkin soup and lots of it, just don't add your milk/cream when freezing. Do you have a food processor, make up a heap of pasta sauces, pestos if you like that sort of stuff as well to freeze and put with meals. Enjoy.

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