Sunday, June 21, 2009

A small beginning

Still raining. I'm not complaining though. Rain is good. Just kind of dampening my plans to get things started!
Mum bought home a passionfruit vine today from a friends house. Hurrah! I said. We have our first plant for our alternative suburbia!

Hopefully tomorrow will bring enough sunshine to plant it in
the ground.

I think I will plant it in the garden near the pool fence so it can weave its way along the top and hang its yummy purple fruit within Indi's reach. She loves passionfruit. >>>>>>>>>>>>>

When we lived at Evans Head, our washing machine died and we had to go to the local laundromat. The fence at the boundary of the carpark had a huge passionfruit vine growing through it, and Indi used to love picking them and bringing them in to me to open for her while I was doing the washing.
*Sigh* if I don't get out in the garden soon, I'll just have to start writing about other things in my life.
Next post coming soon ... 'Things I do when it rains a lot' LOL!


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