Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still Raining

I was again woken by the most glorious golden sunshine this morning and proceeded to do the usual thing I do on a sunny morning; eight billion loads of washing.
Then the sun did it's usual thing; pissed off behind big rain clouds.

So again, instead of getting out the backyard, I spent most of the day finding interesting places to hang washing in the house. The laundry is like a clothing maze. Seriously you could get lost in there.

So while the yard gets boggier and soggier and my plans get pushed a few days further away, I pass the time by crocheting. Idleness is the glove into which the devil slips his hand, they say!

Some hats for my little man, gawd look at that smile. Melts my heart!

Not sure what this thing is. I started making them a few weeks ago (in the last big downpour of rain) and the kids love them. They are quick and easy anyway, and a good way to use up bits and pieces of wool.
I did manage to get out in the backyard in my gumboots and take some pics; 'Before' pics, i'll post them later. It is so easy to stand out there and visualise this jungle-like forest of edible delights. Not so easy if I try and put a shovel in the ground and turn the soil. It's very very clayey.
Nevertheless, it shall be done! It looks like we are stuck here for another two years or so, so i've got plenty of time to do it.


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