Thursday, June 18, 2009

So what is Alternative Suburbia?

Perhaps I should write a bit about my purpose for this blog. I know, I know, intro's are supposed to come at the START of something, not three posts in but I was just keen to get blogging (everyone else is doing it!)

So. Alternative Suburbia. How to describe it ..? Maybe do the best you can with what you have.
I am not a people person. I am doubly not a five-bedroom-brick veneer-double-garage-nuclear family-2.4-children kind of person! Yet that seems to be where I find myself. Well, not the nuclear family and 2.4 children bit; eight people encompassing three generations living as what I like to think of as a tribe in a house owned by my mum, plus two stepkids on the weekends and two older stepkids who have joined the armed forces and visit when they can is hardly a normal nuclear setup! What can I say? I'm drawn to big families.
We live this way for many reasons which vary according to my mood. Mostly, I tell myself, it's because we are pooling our resources, reducing our 'carbon footprint' and saving money. Sometimes I tell myself it's because we are failures at life and are too useless to get our own house. LOL! But not very often.

Anyway, i'm procrastinating. The point is, I generally hate suburbia. I hate lawns where the blades of grass all face the same way. I hate English Privet pruned into the shape of a box around the letterbox. And I hate the fact that we have 700 square metres of land and still have to go to a shop to buy fruit and vegetables.

So I'm going to change it.

I want a rich green canopy of fruit trees, and heavy vines weaving in and out of the fence. I want lawns that smell sweet when you walk on them. I want big fat hens wandering around scratching up the fertile black soil. I want to be shoving boxes of excess food on to my friends. I want grubby kids that are in tune with the natural cycles of the earth.

I want to create my Alternative Suburbia ... and I want to share it! Enjoy!


Ariad said...

awesome dream Kel, hope you achieve it :)

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