Thursday, October 22, 2009

A little garden update

Peas that sprouted from the mulch.

Little zucchini starting to grow.

Broccoli flowers.

Silverbeet has been a staple in our meals for the last few weeks.

The potato I planted ages ago has finally sprouted.

The 'quick-grab' herbs growing at the front door. The basil grew all through winter.

Indi's cherry tomato. We'll be lucky to get fruit off this one; she keeps 'accidently' pulling of all the little green tomatoes.

Our star jasmine bush near the front door. I can smell it now as I type this ... mmmmm! I love the way it wafts through the house of a night.


karisma said...

You did post about something! LOL! Very nice pictures. We just ripped out our Jasmine to make room for more herbs.

Gotta love those self seeding plants. I just planted out my garden and up pops all of these tomatoes that I did not plant, along with basil, a pumpkin, some tansy and god knows what else. They are just growing in between everything else.

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