Thursday, April 29, 2010

End of the Light

This weekend marks Samhain; the end of the light half of the year on the Pagan calendar. Though I'm not specifically Wiccan, I do try to observe the seasonal turning points and the cycle of the year.

My understanding of Samhain is when the masculine aspect of the divine leaves the earthly realm, returning to the cauldron of life, becoming one with the goddess to be reborn of her in the spring. It is a time for reflecting on death and reincarnation, and remembering those who have left this world. It's also a time for tying up loose ends, and ridding ourselves of things we no longer need.  

For some reason I am feeling very connected to this particular Sabbat. Perhaps because I've had such a busy and fulfilling summer; we've swam in the ocean, played in the sun from dawn 'till dusk, lazed on the green grass, plunged our hands into the warm earth and feasted on her abundance.
The last week or so I've had such an urge to be outside. I've been gardening with an almost furious passion; perhaps sensing the end of the warmth of the soil.
I've also noticed myself clearing the house of clutter, again with a furious determination.

Tomorrow we will build a fire in our outdoor fireplace and, as the sun falls and the masculine aspect leaves our realm, we will light it and farewell Him.

Blessed Be xoxo


Cords said...

:) I also look forward to Samhain, for me its a time to light a candle and re-connect with those that have gone on to the summerland before me. Blessed be.


This is very interesting, will have to learn more about it!

Kel said...

Cords: May the flames of your fire invoke the family that was taken too soon. I'll be thinking of you; you've risen to such amazing heights xoxo I'm certain that your parents will be crossing the threshold with absolute love and admiration for you.

Childhood Magic: Hello to the Northern Hemisphere! The beauty of the internet ... we can share opposite seasons! Samhain is your Halloween; just using pre-christianity terms.
Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

Cords said...

thanks Kel xoxo

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