Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's see whats growing

I'm stealing a few minutes to write while Keanu is having a feed (one-hand typing, so excuse any typos please!)

I've only just started getting out to the veggie patch and tidying things up, now that the weather is starting to cool off. The last few weeks of summer just kinda frazzled what was left in there. At this point, I'm planning on growing what I can over winter, then I might plant some fruit trees and turn it into an orchard. It's hard to get stuck into the garden with Keanu around; he just runs straight for the pool as soon as he is outside!

I've had to scratch all the mulch away when I plant things, because it is full of slaters and they love the taste of newly sprouted seedlings. It seems to have worked; the snow peas have all sprouted and are nearly an inch high. The last two lots I planted out were gone as soon as they popped out of the ground.

I've harvested a heap of burpless and crystal apple cucumbers  over the past few months. The vine grew right up through the star jasmine; so high I couldn't even reach the fruit at the top! I didn't get any pictures though - my camera is dying a slow and painful death and only works when it wants to.)

Here are my beautiful eggplants. I've planted these out the front. This is the first time I've grown them; they are such beautiful plants I just want to plant them everywhere. I've harvested a few fruits and I'm going to make a vegetarian lasagne with them this week.

And the bromeliads, bursting out with colour. This is my 'comfort' garden ... when everything else get eaten by the bugs I come and stare at this one! It always looks green and healthy.


Cords said...

great shot of Indi watering the garden!

karisma said...

Oh Yum! I forgot to plant eggplants this year!

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