Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Indica Rose's Garden

We have decided to keep the cubby as a play house, not a chook house. Indi and Keanu love playing in there and it makes it easier for me to do work in the backyard because they are amused--and distracted from the pool!
So, we put the verandah back on the front and Indi has decided she is going to make her own garden.
Putting the verandah on.

Once the verandah had been 'tested' by Keanu, we dug up a little patch along the front.

The first thing she planted ...

... a bromeliad that we'd split up the day before because they had outgrown their pot.

I'm really happy that she is enjoying being in the garden and getting her hands dirty. As for the chooks, well, I guess we'll have to think of another plan! 


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