Sunday, July 4, 2010

Winter Crochet

Howdy y'all!

Haven't been around here much lately have I? I'm still hibernating :) It's been soo cold here and we haven't been doing a whole lot other than snuggling under the doona until late in the morning and lazing around in the warm winter sunshine when it's about.
But it is great weather for crocheting, so I thought I'd return to blog land with my latest warm creations.

I decided to crack into some of the wool I got for my birthday. This stuff came from my friend Cords. It's a blend of wool, soya and acrylic and is so delightfully soft!
This is great wool to work with when you have kids around; it has a boucle-type texture and is very forgiving if you miss a stitch here or there because of pint-sized distractions ;)

So far I've made a beanie for Keanu and (finally) a pair of fingerless gloves/wrist warmers.

Hooray! No more frozen wrists from resting on the computer!

I've still got a couple of balls left ... any suggestions? Maybe a cool dread-headband???


karisma said...

Very nice!



Kat said...

beautiful I love fingerless gloves. how about one of those dreadfully long hats like the kid on a chrismas story wears? They are fabulous, in my opinion. good luck!

Anne said...

They look gorgeous. I love the colours.
I realy need to knit my self a pair of these...:)

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