Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Toy Catalogue Time


Indi is sitting upstairs reading one of the glossy consumeristic tomes.

Indi: 'MUM! I found something I would love you to buy for me!'

Me: 'What is it?'

Indi: 'A cubby house!'

Me: 'You have a cubby house out the back!'

Indi: 'But this one has swings.'

Me: 'You have swings out the back too!'

Indi: 'But these swings are attached to the cubby house.'

Me: '(insert are-you-for-real? face) I'll move the swing set next to the cubby house for you.'

Indi: 'Oh just forget it!'

I'm not sure if I won or lost that argument ... ?


Kat said...

I would consider it a draw. That's how I look at all the little "discussions" my son and I have. We will never know wether we won or lost until the children are grown. Then we will have to ask their shrinks for a full analysis of how badly we have screwed them up, haha.


karisma said...

LOL I can just hear the tone of voice too! That girl is such a card. She had Gemma in stitches the other day with her hints that she wanted toast with jam IF there was any going of course. "Oh look, theres Jam, theres bread....I'll have two slices thanks!" (I think she is thawing Gemma's "I don't like kids!" heart a little...maybe she reminds her of herself? haha!

Ariad said...

lol, sounds like kid logic to me;) I've given you a beautiful blogger award over at my blog Kel:)
I love the pants too, awesome pattern!

Kat said...

Hey Kel, something fishy is going on with your blog... I saw you posted something about hitting the road but when I tried to click on it it said your blog didn't exist, which it chearly does. I panicked for a minute I thought maybe you quit blogging but you appear to still be here however I cannot find that post? can you send me a link? or


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