Sunday, January 16, 2011


Beans beans everywhere! I can't stop planting them. What's not to love about beans? 

Twisting and twining over anything in their path

Beautiful buds

Bursting into pretty, petite little flowers

I've just planted some at the base of the corn

Indi planted some along her garden fence
The thing is with beans, they don't like to be too wet until they sprout or they might rot in the ground. I left half a packet in the rain the other week and they got drenched and were already starting to swell by the time I found them. I chucked them down in the space between the patio and the fence, just to see what would happen ...

They just grow anywhere! 


karisma said...

Lovely Lovely beans! I especially love it when things just grow by themselves. :-)

Monique said...

Aren't they great!?! We freeze them as many as possible to eat from them through out the whole autumn- and winterseason! ;o)

Kel said...

I wish I had enough to freeze. They're lucky to make it inside to the steamer most nights; I send the kids out to pick them and they eat most of them before they get back in the house! (Obviously, I need to plant more still!)

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