Friday, January 7, 2011

Summer Harvest: Purple Basil

Soon to be married to the aforementioned tomatoes ;)

I haven't had much luck with basil this year. It seemed that the garden was something of a 'real estate heaven' for bugs in the early summer, so anything that I planted was quickly demolished by the hungry little blighters. I finally managed to get a few plants going in a pot out the front door. It's strange, because basil normally grows like a weed for me. Indi and I planted some more mixed seeds down in the main vegie patch early this week so hopefully they'll get up and going before the cooler weather kicks in.


T_Y said...

hehehehe real estate heaven for bugs.

Cords said...

yum! I love purple basil. Though, I've always called it Opal basil. *shrugs* Look super healthy, Go you!

karisma said...

I love the shape of the leaves. You plant your basil? I just wait till they go to seed and let them fall before harvesting the last of the leaves to dry. Mine is about ready now due to it all going to seed too early! Took some pictures of it yesterday as well. Could not resist after the light rainfall, everything looked so pretty!

I was going to come and visit yesterday but did not quite make it. :-( I have some things to drop off. Hugs xoxo

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