Monday, January 24, 2011

Summer Harvest: Carrots

I thought it might be time to start pulling up some carrots. I can't remember how long they've been in the ground ... 6 months? Maybe longer.
They're pretty hard to get out, that's for sure. They kept snapping off in the ground! It's very dry though; we haven't had any rain here for about 3 weeks and they are in the newer part of the garden that is still a bit clayey.

Nevertheless we managed to get a few out in one piece. I fed the broken ones to the guinea pigs; they are carrot junkies :)

Roasted with some potatoes, they made a delish side to our quiche, which incidentally was filled with tomatoes, silverbeet, zucchini and spring onions ALL home grown :)


karisma said...

Lovely! You are a garden diva! Mine is misbehaving right now. My Tansy seems to be taking over the whole yard and kicking everyone else out! LOL!

Anne said...

Wow, they look great!....
I don't have much luck growing carrots.

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