Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Guinea Pig Love

Here are Bali's babies ... I'm such a sucker for baby guineas. I call them my 'turners' ... they turn my vege scraps into nice hot manure that keeps the compost heap warm over the cooler months ;)

Look at the beautiful colours in this little one! 

That's Bali, the light coloured one in the middle; Jazzy on the left, and Haania on the right

Little baby enjoying some grass with mumma Bali

munching with Aunty Jazzy :)


Cords said...

so wonderful! please can I have one mumma? PLEEEEAAAASE!

Kel said...

*sigh* you'll have to take it up with Miss Rose ... she informs me (yet again) that we are never getting rid of these babies.

Cords said...

right...I'll try my hardest to convince her!

karisma said...

Very cute!

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