Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Budding Entomologist

The problem: An old leaky fishtank, a bug-crazy daughter and a mamma getting a wee bit tired of finding snails all over the house.

The solution: Build a snail terrarium!

A quick Google search to find out what snails require.

An old fishtank with a crack in the bottom, former home of Crabby Labby, RIP.

A layer of soil, about 4cm deep. 

Next some greenery, for food and shelter. 

Snails like dandelion leaves, which are abundant in our front lawn! We also picked leaves from the plants where we most likely find snails. 

And in with the snails! 


karisma said...

We have plenty more of the little buggers if you want some! They have eaten my peach tree! How rude!

Question: Who are these perfectly groomed little children you keep posting here and where are your naked scruffy kids????

Cords said... aquatic snail home!

Ariad said...

Awww, your kids are so cute.
Great idea, I think I know someone who'd love some little pets like that in the house.
lol Karisma, we've plenty here too, heaps on the vegies atm, I could post you some more snails Kel?

Kel said...

@Karisma: I have no Idea ... I guess the naked scruffy children don't deal with the cold too well LOL!!

@Cords: Yup, we have another tank in the garage, plus one in storage. I was thinking of making an eco system sorta thing ...

@Ariad: I'll have to pass on the snail offer thanks ;) I'm just glad that they are contained now; I was thinking of introducing some blue tongue lizards to the house because I was sick of treading on the things going to the toilet of a night!!

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