Sunday, May 23, 2010

Orphan Babies :(

I'm sad to report that Bali the guinea pig died last night from unknown causes, leaving her three little babies all alone :(
Unfortunately I don't have another lactating sow who could feed the little ones either.
I've brought them inside with Jazzy, who is the oldest, most maternal guinea pig we have and so far she seems happy to have them huddle under her.
They have been eating grass and vegie scraps for about a week now, so hopefully they are strong enough to survive on that but tomorrow I'll give them some bread soaked in milk and see how they take to that.

Stay tuned ... and send love to the little piggies!!


karisma said...

:-( (((Hugs)))

Kel said...

We lost one last night :(
The other two seem ok ... fingers crossed.

Cords said...

Oh no!!! sending lots of love and mammary-ly vibes. :(

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